Pazzda kennel




Size – Medium, surprising weight for its size.

Shape – modified wedge with rounded contours, slightly longer than wide.
Skull – slightly rounded with a flat plane on the forehead.
Profile – slight to moderate stop at bridge of a straight nose.
Cheeks – very prominent cheekbones.
Muzzle/chin – strong rounden muzzle and a firm chin.
Whiskers – whole or broken, coarse.

Shape – large, broad at base and open, slightly rounded tips. Interior is totally hairless. Slight amount of hair allowed on lower outside edgees and on the back of the ear.
Placement – upright, set a slight angle on the head, not flaring.

Shape – lemon shaped, large, slanting to outer edge of ear. Slightly more than an eye with between eyes.
Colour – ideally to conform to skin colour.

Structure – medium long, hard and muscular, not delicate. Full rounded abdomen, but not fat. Broad rounded chest.

Length in proportion with body, medium long. Hind legs slightly longer than front. Front legs widely set. Medium boning, firm und muscular.
Paws – oval with long slender, prominent toes. Pads thicker than in other breeds, giving the cat the appearance of walking on "air cushions"

Slender, broader at the base and tapering to the tip. Length in proportion to body. Lion tail (puff of hair on tip) acceptable.

Coat and skin
Texture – appears hairless, may be covered with short, fine down. Charmois-like a feeling of resistance may be felt when stroking the skin of some cats.
Wrinkles – wrinkled skin desirable especially around the muzzle, between the ears and around the soulders, although wrinkling should not be so pronoounced that it affects the cat's normal functions.
Short, soft, fine hair is allowed on the feet, across the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, at the back of the ears, the scrotum and the tip of the tail.
Colour – all colour varieties and patterns are permitted, including those with white. Any amount of white is permitted.

– the cat should not be small or dainty,
– males may be significantly larger so long as proper proportions are maintained,
– the Sphynx is sweet-temepred, lively, intelligent and amenable to handling.


– straight profile,
– narrow head,
– lack of wrinkles on the head.

– overall small cats,
– body that is too thin,
– frail appearing or delicate or fine-boned,
– too cobbby or oriental.

– sighificant ammounts of hair anywhere else as described under coat,
– any indication of wavy hair or suggestion of the DRX or CRX in mot,
– any means of hair removal.