Pazzda kennel

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Litter Q

Date of birth: 03. 04. 2019

Father: Luis Lusitano Pazzda Pedigree
Mother:  Jaca Navarra Pazzda Pedigree

Qairo the Fighter Pazzda

For Sashas last litter we chose Lojzik, as we expected from him to, like in litter O, give more true hairless, of which there are less and less in the last years. The pregnany went by without problems, unfortunately it came to an premature birth and the puppies just weren´t ready for life yet. Only one powderpuff boy fought with greatest strenght and will bet he only representant from this litter. Both parents are clear on any genetic eye dinase and also thein clinical eye examinations are without findings.

1× powderpuff male

Qairo the Fighter Pazzda