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Chinese crested dog

Čínský chocholatý pes

Standard FCI 288

Group FCI 9
Country of origin: China

The Crested Dog is descenden from the Africanhairless dog, from which the Chinese breeders bred a smaller dog. This thin, elegant and lovely dog has a soft, warm and tender skin. You can find hair only on the head (as a crest), on the lower 2/3 of the tail and on the paws (like socks). Chinese crested Dogs with fur (Powder Puffs) are covered with soft, middle long fur. The ears are big and elevated, Powderpuffs can have lying ears. The dogs are robust although they look so tender, they love the sun and lying in the son. You can use a sun cream for their protection. They like snow, in winter they need more food to increase their body temperature.

The Chinese Crested Dog is a very old breed. These little dogs lived in the houses of the Mandarines as "rare guards of the house" and only a few exemplares came to America in the last century. There were a few names for the breeds in the past, like Chinese naked dog, Chinese eating dog, Chinese ship dog or Chinese king dog. The breed also was named after the places where it has been found like in Egypt it has been the Pyramid naked dog or the Naked dog from Gize, in South Africa the South African Naked dog or in Turkey the Turkish Naked dog. During times of the plague, chinese seamen took their chinese crested dogs on ship to hunt the rats and other animals which have disease giving fleas.

At the beginning of the 16. century spanish travellers found Chinese Cresteds in Mexiko and other parts of Middle and South America. During the 18. and 19. century british, french and portugese scientists met those dogs in Africa and Asia. Up to the middle of the 19. century the naked dog showed up on many european paintings and reproductions. In the years 1850 - 1860 some dogs were shown at the zoological show in England. 1888 a Chinese Crested was shown on a show in Munich. The spreading of the breed has to be counted to England and America.

Like the other naked breeds, the Chinese Cresteds can have both varieties in one litter, powderpuff and hairless. Two naked dogs can give both naked and powderpuffs. A naked and a Powderpuff can also give both naked and powderpuffs. Two Powderpuffs can give only powderpuff babies. If a naked puppy has hair on it's body except the places where it is supposed to have it it is called a Semicoat. You have to prepare such a dog before going to a show.

Chinese Cresteds are playful and happy dogs, who can win everybody for themselves. They love their owner and do everything to keep him in a good mood. They are not to be held in a cage, but better in the bed of their owner. There they are really satisfied. Although they are so small, they are very brave and can defend their home. They are also a solution for allergic people. You should buy a pullover for your Chinese in winter, although they are not supposed to be ill. They are not picky concerning food, they also like fruits and vegetables.

Who has an Chinese can see how much empty space he head in his heart before. The Chinese can fill it to the last rest.

Other names for chineses: Chinese crested dog, Chinesischer Schopfhund, Kinai meztelen kutya, Nagi chinski grzywacz, Kineski kukmasti pas, Kitajski goli pes, Chien Chinois, Chinese naakthond, Kiinanharjakoira, Kinesiska nakenhund, Crestado Chino, Caine Chinezec cu Creasta.