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Peruvian Inca Orchid - Perro sin Pelo del Peru - Peruvian hairless dog

Peruánský naháč

Standard FCI 310

Group FCI 5
Country of origin: Peru

The Perro sin Pelo del peru or Peruvian Inca Orchid is a naked, thin and elegant dog whose looks let you think of rapidness and strenght. The head is sharp. The eyes in form of almonds, which should be as dark as possible, have a glint of intelligence. The scissorformed teeth are strong, sometimes they have less teeth because of the nakedness. In the litters also powderpuffs are born, which have all teeth. The body smooth, tender and good to touch. The tail is deep, long and sharp. The Peruvian can have any colour.

In his home - Peru - you won't find him that often. Some decades ago he was imported to the United States, where the breeding started. The name Inca Orchid he has from the orchid bushes under which he got protected from the sun by the Incas. He was taken outside only in the moonlight

They are amazing magical dogs. They use their paws sometimes like a human uses his hands. They knock on doors, or lay their paws on a humans neck to show him their love. Puppies of this breeds mostly come to world pink and get their colour later. They somehow are like human babies, they suck their paws and make noises like a real baby. When a human takes them in his arm they cuddle with him and make noises like no other breed does. Peruvians are happy dogs who don't bark very much and who can't be held in a cage. They are fully dedicated to their family. They move without any effort. When they are tired their colour turns into a tender pink shade. They are good for most of allergic people.

The Peruvian is one of 3 acknowledged naked dog breeds (Mexican Hairless and Chinese crested dog) and we can see him in 3 defferent seizes (small, middle, big). He was bred already about 3000 years ago, later than also by the Incas and belongs to the most ancient dob breeds of the world. Some people falsely think that he was bred artificial.

Many false information also come from animal protection. They see naked dogs as tortured poor animals, who always have to suffer from cold and who can't eat well because they don't have that much teeth as other breeds have. I don't think that Peruvians should be defended by saying that they love the cold. They were cult animals who were bred nearly only by the upper class and had just social meaning. People will understand that they are no sleigh animals like some nordic breeds. In Peru there are big differences in temperature, nights are very very cold, and days are very very hot, so the Peruvians have to be used to both temperatures. They love the sun (you can use sun cream for their skin) and they play in the snow in winter. You can see many dogs dressed outside in winter, although they have long fur. It depends on the owner how they care for their dogs and if they buy him a pullover for longer walks. Naked dogs have a plus because when it gets really cold they start to shake and increase their body temperature with this. It is also necessary if the absence of some teeth is bad for feeding the dog. The dogs can eat dry food, tin food and cooked meals without problems. The animal protection better should think about how those dogs can furfill the wishes of many allergic people who always wanted to own a dog but never could because of their "disease". A naked dog is a great possibility for them.

They are mysterious, exotic and a highlight on shows. It's a pity that this intelligent and wonderful breed stands in the shade of others in the last years. You can't describe a Peruvian, you have to own him to feel the luck that this dog can give to you.

Other names for Peruvians: Perro sin Pelo del Peru, Moonflower Dog, Perro Flora, Chien nu du Pérou, Peruanischer Nackthund, Peruvian Hairless Dog, Perunkarvatonkoira, Peruu Inca Orhideekoer, Inkade Orhideekoer, Peruaanse Haarloze Hond, Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog, Peruansk Nakenhund, Perujski goli pes.