Pazzda kennel

How we got naked dogs...

Sedící čínský chocholatý pes a peruánský naháč

Im the autumn of 1996 our family council decided that our home isn't complete without a dog. As I'm suffering from anallergy we had a big problem. I've always loved dogs, and whenever it was possible I borrowed a dog from somebody to take him for a walk or do some training I have never had a dog on my own. So we chose a naked dog. We bought a magazine and found only one advertisement for a Perro sin Pelo del Peru/Peruvian Inca Orchid litter which was born in September. We immediately contacted the kennel Panky and drove to there to have a look. At the breeder's house we were greeted by the mother of the babies and also by their grandmother. We fel in love with the Peruvians quite fast. We had to choose from 2 girls, both were very sweet and cute so we were not sure which one to take. Then we bought the girl with the beautiful head and a dark face. Her name is Deianeira Panky - called Daja. There was a naked Chinese Crested Dog bitch between all the Peruvians and we knew that we would want one in the future too.

Daja was a great puppie, very intelligent and nice. Everybody liked her at the first view. She never got bad and always did as we said. She grew into a peruan lady. We never understood how much humanity she has, the only thing she can't do is talk. We can take her everywhere. She can walk free everywhere and learned many small tricks. She was very successfull on dog shows, we are very happy with her.

In August 1997 we saw the puppies from the B-litter kennel Modry kvet for the first time. In autumn we reserved a hairless girl from this kennel and in December our sweet little girl was born, the only naked bitch in the C litter. In february 1998 she became a new member of our family. C'China Modry Kvet - for us Cenda - is a small sweet dog, the favourite of the whole family. She always is in a good mood. She always is full of energy, she can walk on her back feet and make turnarounds on command. She is a little comedian. She learned a lot from Daja as baby. She is as good as Daja on shows, she has many titles too.

A next part is Kati, real name Caqueta Illapa Pazzda. As Daja had big health problems having her last litter, we decided she won't have puppies anymore and we kept Kati from her last litter, who we take care for very much and who we always forgive everything. She is a clever and nice girl, happy and with much temperament. She makes us very happy. And mommy Daja can be proud of her girl, because she did more then well on dog shows.

The youngest is Dareia Shire Pazzda, who we call Pepi at home. She is a bitch from China's last litter. We are so happy that we kept her. She is yet standing at the beginning of her show career.

And last but not leat there is our beautiful pointed peruvian lady Fantasie Sommerbrise, who we imported in 2002 together with Katerina Pangracova where Fanta also lives. We are her co-owners. Fanta is beautiful and luxurious, interessting because of her great colour.

We can't imagine a life without our girls anymire. They are friends for us, who have the same rights as any other family members has. Of course they sleep with us in bed and can walk through the whole flat as they want. As reward they don't damage anything and stay clean. On vacation we go just with our dogs, and where they can't go, we won't go too.

I am happy that I don't have any allergical reaction on the naked dogs (of course allergic people can react different on them). Without them I wouldn't have a dog at all. I believe that all of our girls will reach a big age in happiness.

Both older bitches made the beginning of our kennel PAZZDA. Both had puppies more times. Every pregnany, everybirth and the caring for the puppies - that are beautiful and unforgetable things for us. Our girls are perfect mothers who care for their babies really great. And we try to help them as good as we can. The saddest thing is the saying goodbye to our puppies, but we always found a good new home for them, with nice people. Some babies are also very succesfull on shows.

For the future we want much health for our girls and their babies, and good owners for our puppies.