Pazzda kennel

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Litter V

Date of birth: 19. 04. 2019

Father: Imperio d´Inka Espipena Pedigree
Mother:  Qorianka Tamya Pazzda Pedigree

Vaylla Inkasisa
Vikturiya Samikai
Viernes Santo
Viracocha Inca
Vilcamayo Quello
Vilippi Peludo
Vinces Velludo

For Tamya's second litter we chose an absolutely unrelated dog, who has been imported directly from the Country of origin Peru. A big thank you goes to his owner for making the mating with "Vampiro" possible. It is an really interesting connection of two great dogs with wonderful exterior. Both are clear of clinical eye disease, the sire has a negative patella luxation examination and DNA profile. In Tamya's first litter only one coated boy was born, this time there have been four, and also puppies of the naked variety - one naked boy and two naked girl. This connection is absolutely unique from breeding perspective and also a big enrichment. Tamya is a great mother and cares for her puppies perfectly.

2× hairless fiale, 1× hairless male, 4× coated male

Vaylla Inkasisa Viernes Santo Vikturiya Samikai Vilcamayo Quello Vilippi Peludo Vinces Velludo Viracocha Inca