Pazzda kennel

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Litter U

Date of birth: 23. 08. 2018

Father: Jatun Patay Pazzda Pedigree
Mother:  Qorianka Tamya Pazzda Pedigree

Uno Ampato Solo

Litter U comes from a connection from which we expected great exterior, because both parents pedigrees contain all the things we like on this breed. For the first time Qorianka Tamya Pazzda got to be mom and Jatun Patay Pazzda ist he dad. Unfortunately those great parents got only one baby this time. A very nice, healthy coated boy was born, for whom Tamya cares perfectly. The puppys new family has been waiting for him a long time and we hopethat one day maybe he will also take part in our breeding because of his great pedigree. His name is Uno Ampato Solo, the name Ampato was chosen by his new owner.

1× coated male

Uno Ampato Solo