Pazzda kennel

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Litter O

Date of birth: 22. 05. 2013

Father: D´Akampana du Pays Gabaye Pedigree
Mother:  Gawilla Winay Pazzda

Omia Orchidea
Ollachea Peruvia
Ocoachi Amazonas

Litter "O" is the last litter of our Vivi. Her co-owner, Lenka Galko wanted to keep a girl from this litter and this wish has been furfilled. This time we were looking for a small or smaller medium sized dog with an pedigree which would suit for Vivi the best and would also be interesting. This all we found in a small, compact unrelated dog with an extraordinary frame he also gives to his children – D'Akampana du Pays Gabaye. Three puppies were born, a hairless male, a hairless girl and a coated girl.

1× hairless female, 1× hairless male, 1× coated female

Litter O Pazzda Ocoachi Amazonas Ollachea Peruvia Omia Orchidea