Pazzda kennel

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Litter L

Date of birth: 11. 05. 2011

Father: Bay´s Bushyfur Haihais Pedigree
Mother:  Gawilla Winay Pazzda

Lago Yaras
Lares Poderoso
Lloque Yupanqui
Loma Casera
Luna Killa

Mother of the L-litter is Gawilla Winay Pazzda, who has born the very precious litter J two years ago. Father of this litter is an important dog from Finland – Bay´s Bushyfur Haihais. In his pedigree many different ancestors from Peru can be found. From breeder´s point of view is a very interesting connection of two very beautiful individuals.

Tree naked boys and two naked girls were born.

3× hairless male, 2× hairless female

Fenky / Females Lago Yaras Pazzda Lago Yaras Pazzda Lares Poderoso Pazzda Lares Poderoso Pazzda Lloque Yupanqui Pazzda Lloque Yupanqui Pazzda Loma Casera Pazzda Loma Casera Pazzda Luna Killa Pazzda Luna Killa Pazzda Psi / Males Vrh L / Litter L