Pazzda kennel

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Litter I

Date of birth: 01. 09. 2008

Father: Saphyr de L´Orchidee de Lune Pedigree
Mother:  Caqueta Illapa Pazzda

Illesca Atau Wallpa
Imayna Ica Allinta
Isanka Anta Tillca

The parents of our I-litter are once more Caqueta Illapa and Saphyr. It's an unrelated connection of two individuals with great exterior with very interessting pedigrees, which are a mix of european, american and peruvian ancestry. The father of Caqueta, imported directly from Peru, Vicus del Nari Walac - also the father of our litters B and C - is still being succesfully showed on shows in Finland. Three puppies were born, a hairless female, a coated female and a coated male.

1× naked female, 1× coated female, 1× coated male

Illesca Illesca Imayna Imayna Isanka Isanka Pazzda I litter Pazzda litter I