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Litter L

Date of birth: 07. 05. 2014

Father: Umeboshi Avokaduh Pedigree
Mother:  Dafne Martini Forseti’s Pedigree

Leon Losino
Liam Livorno
Luffy D Monkey
Luis Lusitano
Lana Cala
Lana Farrah
Lana Asumi-Malak
Lana Shari

Litter L is the first litter of Dafne Martini Forseti’s and also the first stud for the boy Umeboshi Avokaduh. The lovely girl belongs to our friend Pavla Habrova, who also cares for a girl from our litter "J". "Adelka" is a lovely girl with perfect coating and a super character. The litter's father "Bosik" is a clean hairless with nice coating, standarz size and good temperament. We expect quality coating in the powderpuff puppies, we are also hoping to see something from their grandparents, Moon Harbour Gold Finger to be specially mentioned. Both parents have very interesting pedigrees with many dogs perfect in exterior and very successfull on shows. Both parents are PLL and prcd-PRA clear and have negative clinical eye examinations. 8 puppies were born – one hairless girl, two hairless boys, three powderpuff girls and two powderpuff boys.

1× hairless female, 2× hairless male, 2× powderpuff male, 3× powderpuff female

Lana Asumi-Malak Lana Cala Lana Farrah Lana Shari Leon Losino Liam Livorno Luffy D Monkey Luis Lusitano