Pazzda kennel

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Litter G

Date of birth: 19. 02. 2008

Father: Legends the Great Contender Pedigree
Mother:  Dareia Shire Pazzda

Ginette Sorraia
Granduca Nerone

For our G-litter we chose another beautiful, successfull and unrelated dog, whom Mrs. Schultz imported to Germany from the USA. Rocky is the holder of many show titles. Same as our previous litter, both parents are tested on eyes and patella luxation, both negative. Two girls were born, a naked and a powderpuff one.

1x hairless bitch, 1x powderpuff bitch

Granduca Nerone Pazzda Ginette Sorraia Pazzda Granduca and Ginette Ginnette and Granduca